Whats What At Australias Gold Coast

Find everything you want for your sequential Gold Coast Holiday. Airline and hotel reservations, car rentals and keynote lawns tickets, you can even rent your surfboard for the spell of your stay Gold Coast Holidays

Whats What At Australias Gold Coast

Whats What At Australias Gold Coast

We put together Gold Coast Surfboards, with the absorbed of cope all elements of your Gold Coast holiday, to ensure you posses the occasion of your life when you subsequent come to stay Having done that, we though it was a mammoth thought to put some story together, aptly to notify you a infrequently about the Gold Coast, in Queensland’s south east, and the relatives who live there

This announcement is primarily sourced from the Gold Coast City Council, so for more information, we recommend you visit their website.

Size: about 1402 square kilometres

Population: about 500,000 people

Climate: Visit Gold Coast Weather

Tallest Structure: The Q1 spire, which is 322.5m above street level

Environmental diversity The Gold Coast is home to an amazing trappings of wildlife including

34 style of amphibians

323 type of bird

72 kimd of mammal

71 species of reptile

25 species of fish

If you would like other announcement about the Gold Coast, we have listed a figure of great websites at our Queensland Gold Coast Resource page. You can access these websites here: Queenslands Gold Coast

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