About Town – Recycling

As I drive around town, especially on trash days, I cannot help but notice the sometimes over-flowing trash receptacles and cardboard boxes piled nearby, waiting to be hauled away. I wonder if many people know that a recycling center is located within the city limits. The recycling center is run by the Parma Senior Citizen Center at 410 North 8th Street.

The recycling building is located at the far side of the parking lot with a large sign over the door. The attendant, Mr. A.J. Campbell, who happens to be a past Honored Senior, is there several days a week and keeps the building in order by putting up new bins and going through the materials left there.

The Senior Center receives money for the recycled materials, helping to offset the cost of their monthly bills. If more materials were recycled, more money could be generated for the seniors who use the center. The materials are picked up twice a month and a check is sent to the Center monthly.

What materials does the recycling center accept? Here is the list. Cut out this article and post it in a place where it will remind you of what you can take to be recycled.

  • PLASTIC – Number 1 and 2 and milk containers. On the bottom of most plastic containers is a triangle with a number printed on the inside. If it is a 1 or a 2, then it can be recycled at the Parma center. Most grocery plastic bags are a number 2 and can be donated to the center as well.
  • ALUMINUM – All aluminum can be recycled. Beverage containers with pull tabs, disposable cooking pans, cooking foil, and many other products are recyclable.
  • TIN – Nearly all product containers that have to be opened with a can opener are tin and are accepted. Wire coat hangers can also be recycled.
  • CARDBOARD – All corrugated cardboard as well as all paper food product boxes, including all brown paper bags can be recycled.
  • NEWSPRINT – Newspapers, including all advertising, is accepted at the local center.
  • MAGAZINES – All magazines are accepted for recycling.

Materials can be dropped off at the recycling center building at any time. The door is never locked but is often just closed. If you have questions regarding what can be recycled, please call the Parma Senior Citizen Center office at 722-5421.

If you have questions concerning City business, please call me at 722-5138 or
email me at nleigh@parmacityhall.net.