City Clerk

Angie Mejia – City Clerk/Treasurer


Ramona Crosiar – Deputy City Clerk

Office Hours
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Except Holidays

Located at:  305 N 3rd St

Phone:  208-722-5138

Fax:  208-722-5139


The City Clerk’s Office keeps the official permanent records of the City and historically serves as the center of information for the public. The office of the City Clerk maintains the integrity of the City through the legislative process, administrative and technical support, dissemination of accurate information and archiving official documents. Additionally, the office provides support and administrative services to the Mayor and City Council, all operating departments and the public, while maintaining an essential, formal link with citizens, area businesses, other jurisdictions and a wide variety of public duties. The City Clerk is the clearinghouse for city elections information, city licenses and information on City Council meetings and agendas.

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